Online Instruction


We offer online classes and practices for all level of juniors. Students from around the United States, and now other countries, are joining in. You can continue to work on your skills as you stay at home, and with one of the world’s top coaches in junior player development.

Beginner’s Classes

These are 45 minute classes that focus not only on introducing the fundamentals and basic skills of golf, but also developing coordination and athleticism in each child. Each class begins with a dynamic warm up that includes balance and coordination exercises, before moving into learning the game.

$20 per class. Payments are made through Paypal.

Players’ Practices

You’ve been prepping for tournaments, high school competitions, and you want to keep practicing while you are at home. Perfect! Each practice is 45-60 minutes long, and are held several times each week, focusing on skills development, as well as basic swing maintenance.

$25/session $125/month for 8 sessions (billing cycle begins upon first practice attended)


Whether it is an adult or a junior, online live-stream lessons are readily available for booking. Whether you are stuck at home or the office, out of town, even out of the country, this is a wonderful option to continue evolving your game. Students from around the country and the world continue to take live lessons with James, who specializes in making difficult and complex concepts easy to understand and practice within any environment.

How Does It Work?

First, send you current swing videos from the face-on and down-the-line angles so that James can get a first look at your current swing. You will also receive a student questionnaire to fill out and return through email so that James can get a clear idea of your athletic history, from other sports played, any injury history or pains suffered, to your general shot shape, and what is ailing your game.

During the lesson, there is a lot of interaction between you and James, so be prepared to enjoy learning and improving!

After each lesson, you will receive a video recap of what you covered in the lesson, plus drills and practice plan. James will also follow up with you to make sure everything is going according to plan.

  • 20 minute live lesson: $65, 5 lessons: $300
  • 40-minute live lesson: $115, 5 lessons: $525
  • Combo Package – Three 20-minute lessons + one 40-minute lesson $295

Swing Video Analysis

Maybe you don’t feel like you need a lesson? Instead, you just want to make sure you are on the right track with what you are currently working on. Or, you want an objective critique of your swing. In that case, a swing video analysis is just the right choice for you.

Send a video from down-the-line, and another that’s face-on. Here is a YouTube tutorial on how to set up your camera for the videos:

In addition, send along a description of what is your standard ball flight is (i.e., a high fade, or high draw), and what problems you have been experiencing of late. Also include any injuries you have had in the past, especially to joints and back, as well as what you are currently working on with your swing. In return, you will receive a video analyzing your swing, which will include drills to work on.

If sending through V1 Golf, look for “Harbor Links” under instructors.

If sending through Swing Catalyst, look for “James Hong” under instructors.

  • One video analysis: $45
  • 8 video analyses: $325
  • Monthly Program – 6 video analyses + a 40-minute live lesson: $350*
  • *billing cycle begins date of first sent video analysis
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