This is it!  My first official “JamesHongGolf” blog post.  In actuality, it’s a little ‘thank you’ note to those folks that have helped me out, and those other people who I have had the pleasure of meeting over the last month or so.  All of these friends, new and old, have provided me with wisdom, courage, inspiration, happiness.  As Shawn Achor noted in his splendid TED Conferences talk, happiness leads to greater productivity.

Exactly one month ago, none of this was reality.  It was the farthest thing from my mind.  I have said this several times of late: I have learned more in the past month than I have the previous 17 years that I have been in the business.

Michael Jocson, Kirk Oguri, Ali Gilbert, Nick Chertok, Andrew Marr, Dennis Sales, Jason Sutton, Jason Helman, Sara Dickson, Rob McGill, John Dochety, Rob LaRosa, John Graham, Darren Stanek, Bob Lippiello, Chad Johansen.  The best pros/instructors.  The best trainers.  The best bosses.  The best friends.

“Lift off” is right, heading for the stars, the heavens.  ‘Cause that’s where all of our dreams are, aren’t they?


Published by JamesHongGolf

A career spanning over two decades, James Hong has been recognized as one of the premiere golf instructors and performance coaches in the world. Currently the Director of Instruction at Harbor Links Golf Course in Port Washington, New York, James works with golfers of all ages and skill level. Accolades and certifications: - 2017-2020 Golf Digest Top Teachers in State (NY) - 2014-2019 GRAA Top 50 Growth of the Game Teaching Professionals - 2012 U.S. Kids Golf Lifetime Master Teacher - 2009-2011 U.S. Kids Golf Top 50 Teacher - Titleist Performance Institute * Level 1 Professional * Level 2 – Junior Coaching; Advanced Performance Coaching - Bioswing Dynamics Level 2 Instructor (Mike Adams and E.A. Tischler) - Certified Coaching Alliance (Dr. Rick Jensen and Henry Brunton) - Aimpoint Express (Mark Sweeney) Level 1 Instructor - Flatstick Academy (David Orr) Level 1 Instructor - U.S. Kids Golf Certified Instructor - Lynn Blake Certified Instructor - Stack & Tilt Network Instructor - Kwon 3D Biomechanics Level 1 Podcast & Radio Appearances: • “How’s My Hand Path?” w/Shauheen Nakhjavani • “On The Mark” w/Mark Immelman • “Golf Guru Show”w/Jason Sutton • “On the Virg” w/Virgil Herring • “Junior Golf Blue Print” w/Matthew Walter • “Those Weekend Golf Guys” w/Jeff Smith • “On Par” w/Anthony Scorcia Featured in November, 2016, GOLF DIGEST, “How To Raise A Golfer.”

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